Speaking of FX dealers that are famous in Japan, “GMO”, “DMM”, “Hirose Trading”, “Matsui Securities”, “Okasan Securities” etc. are famous in Japan. There are “Axioly”, “XM”, “TitanFX”, and “iFOREX” to name overseas FX companies famous in Japan.


However, in most cases, “TradeView Forex” is not ranked as one of Japan’s famous Forex vendors.Despite being world famous.


Even if you are ranked, they are often introduced on the website in ranks of 5 or less, not 1 or 2.


You can see it on the internet, but few sites recommend TradeView Forex.


I used “TradeViewForex” and wondered as I thought that there was no safer and more reliable company than “TradeViewForex”. For more information on the reliability of “TradeView Forex” please read this article.


We verified the reliability and safety of TradeViewForex! Is it a scam?


About “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority” that approved “TradeViewForex”


I examined why “TradeView Forex” is not well known in Japan.


Three reasons why “TradeView Forex” is not famous in Japan


There are three possible reasons why “TradeView Forex” is not famous in Japan.


  1. There is almost no advertising on the net or television.
  2. Not aware of influencers such as affiliate.
  3. Because there are few affiliate fees, there are few people to introduce positively.


Let’s explain each one in turn.


There is almost no advertising on the net or television.


“TradeView” is a company that was established in 2004 and lasted for more than a decade, but few Japanese people have known this for so long.


One of the factors is that TV and Internet ads can hardly be displayed.


It won’t come out unless you look at it a little more specifically, so it will be buried in the ads from other forex brokers such as “GMO”, “DMM”, “TitanFX” and “XM” well-known in Japan . So there are not many Japanese people who know it.


You may be wondering why ‘TradeView’ does not advertise on the Internet or TV, even though we know that ‘TradeView’ will benefit from more access. But there is a reason for this.


That’s because we have a policy of not spending wasted advertising costs in terms of wanting to trade comfortably with the lowest possible spreads and fees.


“Simply because I have no money?”


You might think this, but then there is no formal approval from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. (In order to obtain approval from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, it is necessary to go through an extremely strict examination compared with other FSA.)


If you don’t have the money on TradeView Forex, you can not partner with Santander Bank, one of the largest banks in the world, to set up a compensation scheme up to $ 35,000 for the unlikely event.


Please refer to this article about the safety of “TradeView”.


On the speed of establishment of trading order of “TradeviewForex” and the safety of the system


Not aware of influencers such as affiliate.


Since we do not see advertisements in Japan in the first place, it is difficult to know their existence, and they will not be noticed by influencers who will spread the service. So, there is almost no widespread use of SNS or blogs.


As you can see, if you search on Youtube or Google, you can see that there are few people who introduce “TradeViewForex” as actively as this site.


There are a lot of sites that put “XM”, “Axiorie” and “iFOREX” first in the rankings, though.


“Don’t you want to introduce you because you have a bad reputation?”


You may think like this, but please take a look at overseas reviews.


The reputation of “TradeViewForex” abroad is so high that it is difficult to find a low rating, and there are many reviews of specific content. It is this site to be helpful.


Overseas review site for “TradeViewForex” (To outside site)


Because there are few affiliate fees, there are few people to introduce positively.


This may be my prejudice, but I think that Japanese influencers tend not to introduce any good product unless the reward is high.


There are many sites that introduce TradeView on overseas sites, but in Japan, we only introduce or recommend high-price compensation projects.


So, if there are few referral fees, there will be fewer people who introduce you, so fewer people will know “tradeview”.


The main cause of low recognition is probably because affiliate rewards are small.


I think that the least amount of rewards to introducers is the most important reason why “TradeView Forex” does not spread in Japan.


If you don’t like the “GMO” or “DMM” and it is not a large fee over a few tens of thousands yen per account opening, Japanese may not have the feeling of introducing and spreading it.


After all money is the main cause. Well like that.


But if the product itself is overwhelmingly good, I think it should be spread even if the introduction fee is somewhat low.


“TradeView” is considerably higher in trade environment, safety and reliability compared to other forex vendors, so it’s a shame that it’s not well known.


The low profile of TradeView so far in Japan is largely related to the FX account opening affiliate, but if you want to know the secret, please refer to the following article!