The FX company “TradeView Forex”, which has been in business for over 10 years since its establishment in 2004, boasts industry-leading spread narrowness and low fees. It is a company with a good reputation for its ability to execute deals and smooth transactions.


Recently, “TradeView Forex” has adopted not only foreign exchange but also crypto currency FX. It is also one of the few exchanges that can trade BTC (Bitcoin), XRP (Ripple), LTC (Litecoin), and ETH (Ethereum).


This time, I would like to review such “TradeView Forex” while comparing it with the settings of other companies.


History and Overview of “TradeView Forex”


Company TradeView.Ltd
Establishment 2004
FSA license Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
(Registration number 585163)
Service contents Foreign currency FX · crypto currency FX · Futures · Stocks
Account CTrader, Standard Account (X Leverage), ILC Account (crypto Currency FX Possible)
Customer fund manager Mainstream Group Holdings LTD
(Formerly FundAdministration)
Trust maintenance (compensation) Up to $ 35,000 in each account
Japanese support Yes
Deposits and withdrawals Bank transfer, credit card, Mybitwallet, UPhold, BitPay etc


“TradeView Forex” Account Information


Account type Minimum deposit amount Minimum lot Maximum leverage Round trip fee
Standard Account(X Leverage) $100 0.01 500 times None
ILC Account (Crypto Currency FX Possible) $1000 0.1 200 times $5/Lot
CTrader Account $1000 0.01 200~400 times $5/$1m


※All accounts do not have the concept of margin call, and use the NDD method.

※The loss cut criteria for all accounts are below 100%.

※In the crypto currency FX of ILC account, maximum leverage is 10 times.

※Round trip fee for ILC account is calculated as Price x 0.0015.

※The crypto currency FX is only available for ILC accounts.


Comprehensive review of “TradeView Forex”!


In conclusion, I believe that “TradeViewForex” has an overwhelming advantage in terms of commissions and spreads, ease of trading, security and reliability.


■ Advantages of “TradeViewForex”

  • Fee
  • Spread
  • Ease of trading
  • security
  • reliability
  • Use of automatic trading tools and scalping is possible.


I do not know which company is superior to “TradeView Forex” in these five points. Overall, “TradeView Forex” is overwhelming. Then, let’s refer to the data compared with other companies for each item.


“TradeView Forex” fee


When comparing “TradeView Forex” fee with other companies, it is divided into foreign currency FX and crypto currency FX.


  • Foreign currency FX(General FX)
  • Crypto currency FX


Then I will explain in order.


Fees for foreign currency FX of “TradeView Forex”


Exchange and Account Type Round trip fee
TradeViewForex(Standard account) None
TradeViewForex(ILC account) $5/Lot
TradeViewForex(CTrader account) $5/$1m
AXIORY(Standard account) None
AXIORY(Nano spread account) $6/Lot
AXIORY(CTrader standard) None
AXIORY(CTrader nano spread) $6/Lot
XM(Standard account) None
XM(Micro account) None
XM(XMZero account) $10/Lot
BigBoss(Standard account) None


“TradeView Forex” cryptocurrency FX fee


Here, the round-trip fee based on BTC (Bitcoin) FX is described.


Exchange and Account Type Round trip fee
TradeViewForex(ILC account) Calculated as Price × 0.0015.
BigBoss(Cryptocurrency ECN account) 0.4%(”Forex Major” is $10/Lot)
BITMEX Calculated as limit price or market order fee × leverage ratio.
BitFlyer None
BITBANK New buying: number of sheets × deal price × 0.01%, settlement sale: number of sheets × deal price × 0.01%. In addition, in BITBANK, capital gain fee 0.2% will be additionally charged if profit is gained from the transaction.
DMM Bitcoin None


However, “BitFlyer” and “DMM” have adopted a margin call system in addition to server failure at an important stage of the market price. And, due to unreasonable server failure, payment will be delayed and loss will not be triggered, and there is a risk of holding debt.


In the past, “BitFlyer” has caused many problems such as unreasonable server failure and inability to fulfill orders during important market conditions.


In “DMM”, there is a bad reputation for the service “DMM FX” in the past, so please check once. Just because the fee is free does not mean that the exchange is good.


“TradeView Forex” spread


The spread is always fluctuating and not constant, so it changes depending on the market conditions, but in the case of “TradeView Forex”, the narrowest spread is revealed as 0.0 pips.


Even if the spread spreads, I think it is quite narrow because it is about 0.5 pips to 1 pips.


In BTCFX, the spread is from 1 cent, so it is quite narrow compared to other exchanges.


Given the volatility of the virtual currency, a spread of at least one cent is a great trading environment for traders. Only “TradeView Forex” has provided a clear figure for spreads so far.


Ease of trading


The ease of trading in “TradeView Forex” has been highly praised by overseas reviews.


“TradeView Forex” is affiliated with many banks and “Non-Bank LP”. And they are perfecting and adopting a system that can provide the price rate that is advantageous to the trader in an instant.


We can always settle at the best rates to earn more.


If the brokerage company has few partners, it may take some time to find a favorable rate for the customer trader, or it may not be possible to settle at an advantageous rate that would otherwise be available.


On the other hand, “TradeView Forex” uses EQUINIX servers to minimize the risk of lost opportunity due to server failure.


EQUINIX’s servers have an operation rate of 99.9999%, security equipment investment is perfect, and it is also used by major foreign exchange company “TitanFX”.


EQUINIX has partnered with Amazon and Google, and has gained tremendous trust from all over the world. For this reason, “TradeView Forex” has achieved a very smooth and comfortable trading.




The safety of “TradeView Forex” mainly consists of the following items.


  • Use of an excellent data center.
  • No margin call system
  • Adoption of NDD method and transaction transparency
  • Compensation system with major banks.


Then I will explain in order.


Use of an excellent data center.


As mentioned above, “TradeView Forex” uses EQUINIX server.


EQUINIX’s servers are also used by major foreign exchange company “TitanFX”, and partner companies are large companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.


The operation rate of EQUINIX server is 99.9999%, and the capital investment is security with the latest technology, and it has extremely high security.


No margin call system


“TradeView Forex” uses the zero cut method and no debt is incurred.


In other words, there is no risk of debt due to delayed loss due to system failure.


You don’t have to worry about trading while you are at risk of debt.


Adoption of NDD method and transaction transparency


“TradeView Forex” adopts “No Dealing Desk (NDD)” as a transaction format.


In the “NDD method”, securities companies like “TradeView Forex” do not directly intervene in trading. The “NDD method” is a style that directly connects interbanks and traders that offer formal price rates, and receives only the spreads and fees that occur there.


In other words, the profit and loss of the trader do not directly affect the profit of the company.


This is evidence that you can trade in peace, as “TradeView Forex” never directly intervenes in our trades.


On the other hand, the “Dealing Desk (DD)” method adopted by Japanese forex companies is that traders and traders make counter trades and complete orders, so trader’s profit and loss are in contradiction relation with company profit and loss.


That’s because the company needs to reverse the order placed by the trader.


For example, if a trader buys a dollar and sells a yen, the company must buy a yen and sell the dollar. That’s because trading is not possible unless the company reverses the order placed by the trader because it is a relative trade.


If a client trader earns too much in a company that uses the DD method, the loss of the company will only increase. Then you will encounter an account freeze for some unreasonable reason. Or you will encounter an interruption called “system failure” where you can not immediately place an order.


For us, it is very important to use “TradeView Forex” which uses the NDD method in order to clear the most important items of managing funds safely and safely.


Compensation system with major banks.


TradeView Forex is affiliated with Santander Bank, one of the world’s largest banks. And they have a system to compensate for up to $ 35,000 if either or both fail.


You can trade with confidence if you have $ 35,000 in funding, without worrying about a forex company or bank failure due to a sudden financial crisis.


By the way, “TradeView Forex” compensation system is applied to all accounts. No other company has established a generous compensation system to this point.




“TradeView Forex” has received approval from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, which is as reliable as the FAFT.


The FAFT is an inter-governmental organization, and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, which is recognized there, has gained tremendous credit from the world.


So, unlike the licenses of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, as with many other South Island Monetary Authority grants, it can not be obtained by paying money.


In addition, “TradeView Forex” has experienced the Swiss franc shock, the China shock, the Greek crisis, and the Lehman shock that put many banks and FX companies into bankruptcy in the past to support the credibility approved by the Cayman Islands. Well, it survives.


“TradeView Forex” has been hit by a number of financial crises since its establishment in 2004, but it has survived without failure. Because “TradeView Forex” does not adopt a trading system that is subject to market fluctuations.


Use of automatic trading tools and scalping is possible.


Automated trading tools and scalping, which trade frequently at levels not possible to humans and build up profits, tend to be hated by forex companies. This is because it leads to the loss of the forex company which applies the load to the system and adopts the DD method.


However, “TradeView Forex” allows automatic trading tools and scalping. There are no restrictions, so you can use it with confidence.


Two disadvantages of “TradeView Forex”


“TradeView Forex” has the following two disadvantages.


  • Maximum leverage is low.
  • Minimum deposit of ILC account and CTrader account from $ 1000.


Let’s explain each one in turn!


Maximum leverage is low.


“TradeView Forex” account has lower leverage than other foreign forex companies. Each account has a maximum leverage of around 200x to 500x.


“TradeView Forex” account Maximum leverage
Standard account(X Leverage) 500 times
ILC account(cryptocurrency FX available) 200 times
CTrader account 200~400 times


There are many overseas FX companies that set the maximum leverage 800 times and 1000 times, but it can be seen that “TradeView Forex” has a low level of leverage that can be set among them.


The lower the maximum leverage, the less the trader can make high-risk, high-return trades.


Then it will be difficult to explosively increase the small amount of money in a short time.


For those who rely heavily on high-risk, high-return trades, “TradeView Forex” may feel a bit scarce.


Minimum deposit of ILC account and CTrader account from $ 1000.


Another disadvantage of “TradeView Forex” is that the minimum deposit amount is set relatively high.


Even the most basic standard accounts have the minimum deposit required to start trading set at $ 100. If you’re using a company that starts with a minimum deposit of $ 5 or less, such as “AXIORY” or “XM”, it may feel a bit higher.


In particular, for ILC accounts that allow cryptocurrency FX, including BTC (bitcoin), the minimum deposit amount is set to $ 1000, so I would like it to be a bit lower.


I think it will be easier for more people to participate if you lower the overall minimum deposit a little more.


What you need to open an account


We have compiled the data you need to open a TradeView Forex account! Please confirm before registering.


  • Your name, place of birth, date of birth, nationality, residence country, address
  • Your phone number / email address
  • Passport or driver’s license within the validity period


People who can recommend “TradeViewForex”


“TradeViewForex” is suitable if it corresponds to the following type.


  • People who want to deposit and trade assets with peace of mind without worrying about bankruptcy.
  • People who want a smoother, smarter trading environment.
  • People who want to make spreads and fees cheaper anyway.


If at least one of the above three types is applicable, you are worth trying out “TradeView Forex”.




“TradeView Forex” is one of the few Forex companies that has received approval from the globally recognized and reliable Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.


“TradeView Forex” continues to pursue a trading environment that is in the best interest of the customer trader, not the profit of the company, as a top priority.


The result is a fast-paced, comfortable trading environment and industry-leading low fees and narrow spreads. It is the result of the effort of “TradeView Forex” that has considered the customer first.


In addition, there is a compensation system linked to “Santander Bank,” the world’s largest bank. Should your company fail, your property will be compensated up to $ 35,000.


And with the proprietary system developed by “TradeViewForex”, we achieved an industry-leading narrow spread and leveraged the servers of a global data center to create a smoother, smarter trading environment.


Of course, since the zero cut system has been introduced and there is no margin call system, you can trade with confidence without worrying about the risk of debt.


There is no company that values ​​trader’s trust and confidence as much as “TradeViewForex”.


Most Forex companies spend a lot of money on flashy performance and advertising, and tend to neglect activities that favor customers as their traders, but “TradeView Forex” is one of the few conscientious Forex companies for Traders.


Get the ideal trading environment with ‘TradeView Forex’ with peace of mind and trust!