In “TradeViewForex”, there are payment methods mainly by credit card and debit card, bank remittance, and crypto currency.


“TradeViewForex” corresponds to various settlement methods. “TradeViewForex” is actively adopting new reliable means of payment at all times.


  1. Credit / debit card
  2. Bank remittance
  3. Crypto currency
  4. Other online services


If we combine all the branching means from the deposit means classified into these
four,”TradeViewForex” has 12 payment methods. Let’s start with the credit card deposit method.


Deposit by credit / debit card


The credit card payment method in “TradeViewForex” is mainly done by the following method.


  1. bitwallet
  2. ecoPayz
  4. Skrill
  5. UnionPay


If you make a credit card deposit, please be aware that as a countermeasure against anti-money laundering you will be asked to submit a copy of your passport within the validity period before the transaction.


Also, when using a credit card, the sense of money is paralyzed.


Since credit card payment exceeding the allowable range is prohibited in all asset management, please do not do it absolutely.


Deposit by bank remittance


With bank remittance, the types of banks that can be credited for each country’s currency will be limited.


In “TradeViewForex”, bank remittance by “Santander Bank” and “BCP”, “BMO Harris Bank”, and “SCOTIABANK” is adopted. However, please note that banks that are available may be restricted depending on the currency you want to deposit.


A pair of currency and bank corresponding to bank remittance


Depending on the currency you deposit the corresponding bank type will be limited. Therefore, I divided the corresponding bank and currency pair into banks corresponding to “TradeViewForex” and currencies of each country.


Currency Remittable bank
USD Santander Bank、BCP、BMO Harris Bank
EUR Santander Bank
JPY Santander Bank
GBP Santander Bank
AUD Santander Bank
CHF Santander Bank
ZAR Santander Bank


However, when using Santander Bank, as a countermeasure against anti-money laundering, it is necessary to submit a copy of passport within the validity period when trading.


Notes on depositing by bank remittance


The following three points are cited as cautions for deposit by bank remittance.


  1. The procedure is bothersome.
  2. It will take days to arrive.
  3. It costs at least tens of dollars for the commission.


In short, bank remittance takes time, money and money.


People who want to trade as soon as possible, those who want to purchase crypto currencies as soon as possible, or those who want to cheaply commission the fee, I recommend paying in crypto currency or depositing by credit card rather than bank remittance.


Deposit by crypto currency


Although it is a crypto currency that has gained popularity in recent years, “TradeViewForex” also adopts a deposit method using crypto currency.


The advantage of the crypto currency is the cheapness of the fee and the speed to put on the money. If it is a bank remittance, it will cost tens of dollars just by the commission, it will take days to arrive.


However, if it is a crypto currency, it costs only a few cents to a few dollars, and the cash on arrival is completed in seconds or minutes.


Because it is inferior to banks and legal currency credit, there may be people who are confused about using them. However, once you realize using it, there is no convenient and reasonable deposit means like this.


Crypto currency that can be deposited with “TradeViewForex” and corresponding deposit / withdrawal service


“TradeViewForex” adopts multiple crypto currencies and deposit / withdrawal services related to them. So I gathered the corresponding crypto currency and service pair.


Crypto currency Deposit / withdrawal service
BTC(Bitcoin) uphold、bitpay、STICPAY
ETH(Ethereum)  uphold
LTC(Litecoin)  uphold
XRP(Ripple)  uphold


If you are not particular about it, I recommend uphold.


“Uphold” corresponds to the four kinds of encryption currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, deposit / withdrawal is also smooth and comfortable. Please refer to the following article on how to use uphold.




Notes on deposit with crypto currency


You have to be careful with cash in the crypto currency that you miss the asset forever if you make a mistake, it will be impossible to retrieve it. The same is true when you withdraw money.


When you remit, please check the payee’s address at least three times. And remittance should be made several times rather than transferring all at once.


In particular, the higher your remittance amount, the more careful you have to do.


Conversely, bank remittance is corrected by the banker’s procedure without losing funds even if the remittance destination is mistakenly chosen. With bank remittance, even if you make a mistake in payment, there is a sense of security that funds will come back safely. This is a big difference.


Deposit by other online service


“TradeViewForex” also adopts a payment method by various other online services. For example, it is a service like the following.


  1. Epayments
  2. Fasapay
  3. TransferMate


※ epayments is currently unavailable. (As of February 2019)


All of these are remittance services via online. In particular, “FasaPay” is a non-banking electronic money settlement service, it is often adopted by overseas FX companies.




To summarize the story so far, “TradeViewForex” has a wide variety of payment methods, such as deposits using credit cards and debit cards, deposits by bank remittance, crypto currency, other online services, etc. It is very convenient.


However, most people will credit using credit cards, bank remittances or crypto currencies.


Personally, remittance by cryptographic currency which is faster and cheaper is recommended rather than bank remittance, which requires commission and time, but the values ​​differ depending on the person.


Remitt to “TradeViewForex” with the deposit method you trust and let’s trade.