BTCFX (Bitcoin FX) is attractive not only when the market is rising trend but also when you gain profits even in the downtrend.


If it is a spot holder, there are only two options when BTC turns to falling trend, either pessimistically becoming lossless or cutting off or going upward trend and keeping the spot until you gain a profit, but BTCFX If you are a trader you can earn even a falling trend where the actual holder is pessimistic.


For traders, the price fluctuating BTC market is an attractive speculation that can make a huge profit even in descending trends. Especially, the lowering width when turning from a rising trend to a falling trend is a big chance.


Currently there are three major Japanese exchanges where BTCFX is possible. “BitFlyer (bit flyer)”, “Bitbank (bitbank)”, “DMM Bitcoin” are three. So, I tried to compare it with “TradeViewForex” of overseas FX trader I use!


Compare Japanese famous exchanges and overseas exchanges “TradeViewForex”!


Exchange Maximum leverage Minimum deposit amount Margin call Loss cut standard Round trip fee Spread
TradeView 10 times $1000


None Margin maintenance rate 100% or less Calculated with price × 0.0015. 1 cents or more
BitFlyer 15 times No limit Yes Margin maintenance rate 50% or less Free It is random due to fluctuations.
BitBank 20 times Equivalent to 0.01 BTC None Margin maintenance rate 20% or less It is calculated by the number of sheets x the contract price × 0.01%. It is random due to fluctuations.
DMM Bitcoin 4 times Quick deposit requires 5000 yen or more. Unlimited in case of bank transfer. Yes Margin maintenance rate 80% or less Free It is random due to fluctuations.


I compare Japanese companies “BitFlyer”, “Bitbank” and “DMM Bitcoin” together with “TradeViewForex”, but it is quite a good game.


I will carry out further detailed verification.


Validated from the three viewpoints of “Loss cut standard”, “Maximum Leverage” and “Margin call”


“TradeViewForex” is a system that is forcibly settled for customer protection if the margin maintenance rate falls below 100%. However, Japanese famous exchanges such as “BitFlyer”, “BitBank” and “DMM Bitcoin” are settled forcibly when margin maintenance rate falls below 20% – 80%.


The higher the margin maintenance rate that is the criterion of Roskat, the shorter the period until the order is forcibly settled, so it is possible to prevent the loss from reaching a fatal level.


Especially for investors who do not have a clear My Rule for loss cuts, I recommend an exchange with high standards such as “TradeView Forex” and “DMM Bitcoin”.


This is because you can prevent most of your assets from being lost from the large fluctuations in the virtual currency market, which is more volatile than foreign exchange.


In particular, “TradeViewForex” introduces a unique system that can withstand sudden fluctuations in market price, so it is safe since there will be no loss more than the planned loss due to delayed settlement.


For the safety of “TradeViewForex” please refer to the following article.


On the speed of establishment of trading order of “TradeviewForex” and the safety of the system


Consideration from the balance between “Maximum leverage” and “Loss cut criterion”


Exchange Maximum leverage Loss cut standard
TradeView 10 times Margin maintenance rate 100% or less
BitFlyer 15 times Margin maintenance rate 50% or less
BitBank 20 times Margin maintenance rate 20% or less
DMM Bitcoin 4 times Margin maintenance rate 80% or less


“TradeView (trade view)” of overseas exchanges is high enough, although the maximum leverage is a little lower than the famous japanese exchange.


“TradeView” loss cut criteria also triggers when the margin maintenance rate falls below 100%, so it prevents the customer’s assets from being significantly reduced by mandatory settlement before the loss expands.


On the other hand, Japanese famous exchanges have only two patterns of extremely high leverage but extremely low loss cut criterion, or extremely high maximum Leverage, but extremely high loss cut criterion.


It is a feature of Japanese exchanges that the balance between the maximum leverage and the loss cut standard is extremely excessive.


Japanese exchanges capable of maximum leverage of 15 times or 20 times are attractive to increase assets more quickly than “TradeView”, but instead they are traders whose loss cut rules are clearly decided because the loss cut criteria are low otherwise there is a possibility of serious injury.


And since beginner traders often do not clearly decide Rosscut rules, they tend to neglect loss cut by betting on little hope.


As a result, you lose your assets significantly due to late cuts.


For Japanese exchanges, no compulsory loss cuts are made until the margin becomes less than half like “BitFlyer” or “BitBank”. So it is very dangerous for beginners who have not clarified the loss cut rule.


Re-verification by adding “Margin call” to the comparison item


取引所名 最大レバレッジ ロスカット基準 追証
TradeView 10倍 証拠金維持率100%以下 なし
BitFlyer 15倍 証拠金維持率50%以下 あり
BitBank 20倍 証拠金維持率20%以下 なし
DMM Bitcoin 4倍 証拠金維持率80%以下 あり


「最大レバレッジ」と「ロスカット基準」の項目に、「追証」を加えると、日本の取引所である「BitFlyer」と「DMM Bitcoin」は追証があるという結果になりました。






Results verified by “Loss cut criteria”, “Maximum leverage” and “Margin call”


First of all, I think that “BitFlyer” with “margin call” and “DMM Bitcoin” are unexpected because I think whether there is a personally “margin call” in the safety of assets.


Then, “TradeView” and “BitBank” will remain, but “BitBank” can not be recommended because there is a possibility of expanding the loss because the “margin maintenance ratio” which is the standard of the loss cut is low.


I think that “TradeView” which makes forced settlement (loss cut) ahead of time is good so that even for beginners, unexpectedly the asset is not greatly reduced even in the case of large fluctuations in the market price.


Validation from two viewpoints “fee” and “spread”


Exchange Round trip fee Spread
TradeView Calculated with price × 0.0015. 1 cents or more
BitFlyer Free By random variation
BitBank It is calculated by the number of sheets x the contract price × 0.01%. By random variation
DMM Bitcoin Free By random variation


Results verified by “fee” and “spread”


First, from the viewpoint of reliability and certainty of information, the information on “TradeView” spreads is official information actually obtained by inquiry by e-mail, so reliability and certainty are very high.


Furthermore, in “TradeView”, since there is a clear numerical value that the spread takes more than 1 cents, I think that it is very reliable.


In contrast, on Japanese exchanges, it was told that clear spreads can not be answered as the spread will fluctuate. I wish you could tell me only the lowest value like “TradeView”, but I did not even tell it.


In other words, being unable to teach the lowest value means that there is a possibility that the spread spreads without limit.


In contrast, “TradeView” introduced a system to compensate client assets in partnership with Santander Bank since its establishment in 2004. In addition, it is a company that has obtained formal approval from the highly reliable “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority”.


It can not be thought that it is bothering to tell the contents inquired by individuals like me. Probably it is true.


About “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority” that approved “TradeViewForex”


We verified the reliability and safety of TradeViewForex! Is it a scam?


Fatal disadvantages of famous Japanese exchanges


The fatal disadvantage of the famous Japanese exchanges is that they have already given a lot of losses to customers due to system malfunctions and freezing of unreasonable customer accounts.


For example, in Japanese exchanges, troubles frequently arise, such as freezing accounts only for customers who continue to earn great profits, or being unable to settle or order because servers are frequently down in important phases.


In contrast, overseas exchanges “TradeView” have no system faults or unreasonable account freezings.


In “TradeView”, system maintenance will be announced beforehand, I have never heard of trouble such as loss of settlement due to order not being passed and loss spreading.


More than anything, the fact that we have frequently caused scandals up to now is a fatal disadvantage in terms of the most important and commonplace aspect for exchanges where Japanese exchanges operate assets with peace of mind.


【Conclusion】 Which exchange is recommended for BTC (bitcoin) FX?


After all, the recommended exchange for BTC (bit coin) FX is the overseas exchange “TradeView”.


The overseas exchange “TradeView” has no margin call, so there is no worry about debt and the spread offers a clear minimum value and it is very narrow so we offer an advantageous environment for traders. In addition, I am really looking forward to the balance of maximum leverage and loss cut standards.


The fact that “TradeView” has been operated without any problems since it was born in 2004 is evidence of high reliability and safety. It is one of the few exchanges worth trading to trust your own assets.