In overseas FX company “TradeViewForex”, although FX using ripple (XRP) is possible, “TradeViewForex” boasting the industry’s top narrowest spread is realized as an environment that is very easy to trade.


However, besides “TradeViewForex” there are FX companies that can ripple FX. From a spread perspective, I compared what FX company is recommended!


We compared the spreads of the three companies!


Exchange name Spread Round trip fee Establishment
TradeViewForex Min 1 cents Calculated with price × 0.0015. 2004
BigBoss About 0.0001 to 0.002 dollars 0.4%/Lot(ForexMajor costs $10/Lot) 2013
BITMEX About 0.0001 to 0.002 dollars Calculated with order fee × leverage ratio 2014


Well, there is not much difference except for spreads.


Supplement for spreads of 3 FX companies


The spread of “BigBoss” and “BITMEX” is the extent confirmed visually. From the support center of the two companies “It is variable so I can not answer accurate figures” was told.


So, depending on the market situation, there is a possibility that the spread spreads more than the figures listed in the table.


As for “TradeViewForex”, reliability is high because it refers to the answer obtained by inquiring to the support center.


The spread is a random element due to fluctuations in market prices, but according to the person in charge of “TradeViewForex”, the spread is a minimum of 1 cents on the system.


【Conclusion】 It may not differ much by spread alone.


I tried to compare “BigBoss”, “BITMEX” and “TradeView” that can be ripple FX, but it did not differ much even if we compare it by adding a fee.


If you pay attention only to spreads, you may think that “BigBoss” or “BITMEX” is good, but the values ​​listed in the table are only the contents that I visually checked. So I can not trust.


Since the support center of “BigBoss” and “BITMEX” gave an answer “I can not answer accurate spreads as they fluctuate”, it is possible that the spread spreads wider than the values ​​listed in the table.


“TradeView” got a response saying “Spread is at least 1 cent,” but “BigBoss” and “BITMEX” are quite unclear as they did not even tell me the minimum spreads.


So, we can not compare by spreading alone, so I tried it more comprehensively. Please refer to the following article.


What is good for ripple (XRP) FX? Recommended overseas business thorough comparison!