“Ripple (XRP)” with high market capitalization among a large number of crypto currencies is due to the fact that remittance speed is overwhelmingly higher than that of “Bitcoin (BTC)” because of cooperation with many famous banks and remittance commission is cheap It is a very popular crypto currency.


Currently, crypto currency not only purchases in kind but also a crypto currency version FX aimed at “selling” in margin transactions was born. But, when asking the crypto currency FX, most people can only think of “Bitcoin (BTC)”.


Actually, there are exchanges where ripple FX can be made. There are not many cases that it is famous and trustworthy, but now ripple FX is possible on three global exchanges.


Comprehensively compare three overseas exchanges where “ripple (XRP)” FX is possible!


Exchange name Maximum leverage Minimum deposit amount Margin call Scalping Round trip fee
TradeView 10 times $1000 None Possible Calculated with price × 0.0015.
Big Boss 5 times (Forex Major is 25 times) If you use credit card, you need to deposit $ 100 or more. Others are not limited. Yes Possible 0.4%/Lot (Forex Major is $ 10 per Lot)
BITMEX 20 times The minimum amount required for transactions with “BitMEX” is different for each product according to the initial margin. None Possible(However, depending on the load of BOT trading, we request stop.) Calculated by round trip fee × leverage ratio.


“BITMEX” and “Big Boss” are quite famous in the crypto currency FX industry. Especially “BITMEX” can take up to 20 times leverage, so if you are confident of the trade, it is attractive that you can increase assets in one stroke.


“TradeView” that I recommend on making Foreign Currency FX may be modest in this situation, but in reality, I found out that even in the virtual currency FX, it is a very good exchange .


Let’s examine what is recommended for ripple FX!


Validated from the three viewpoints of “Loss cut standard”, “Maximum Leverage” and “Margin call”


We examined exchanges where FX of “ripple (XRP)” is possible from three viewpoints “Loss cut criteria”, “Maximum leverage” and “Margin call”!


Exchange name Loss cut criteria Maximum leverage Margin call
TradeView Margin maintenance rate 100% or less 10 times None
Big Boss Margin maintenance rate 20% or less 5 times(“Forex Major” is 25 times) Yes
  • Margin requirement up to 200 BTC 1% (100 times) · Loss cut rate 0.5% (50%)
  • Margin requirement up to 300 BTC 1.5% (75 times) · Loss cut rate 1% (66.66%)
  • Margin requirement up to 400 BTC 2% (50 times) · Loss cut rate 1.5% (75%)
  • Margin required for every 100 BTC + 0.5% · Loss cut rate + 0.5%
20 times None


We will consider further from the next.


Although it is a personal opinion, I am pleased if it becomes reference.


Consideration from the balance between “Maximum leverage” and “Loss cut criterion”


As it becomes personal consideration, there may be times when you do not agree with your idea, but I place great importance on managing assets safely anyway.


Actually, I do not trade anything other than the situation where the return greatly exceeds the risk.


Therefore, considering safe operation of assets, I do not want to use BITMEX with a lower Rosscat criterion much, instead of taking up to 20 times leverage.


The more you can apply high leverage, the more asset price movements will be intense, so you will be forced to settle beyond the Rockcard criteria sooner than you think. And you will greatly reduce your assets.


However, in “TradeView” and “BigBoss”, leverage can only be multiplied by 5 to 10 times, instead of Rosscut criteria is higher than BITMEX, so it is possible to prevent assets from being greatly reduced even with some risk .


It is not good for mental health that you are in an environment where you can apply 100% leverage at any time.


So which one of “TradeView” and “BigBoss” is good?


Re-verification by adding “Margin call” to the comparison item


Next, I will examine it from the viewpoint of “proof of birth”. In “TradeView” there is no complementation, whereas “BigBoss” will give you a proof. In “BigBoss”, when the fund turns minus below zero, there is a possibility that you will be required to invest additional funds. It is so-called debt.


It is not unusual for the crypto currency to fluctuate fiercely and a price move of more than 10% occurs in one hour. Rather it is a routine. The sudden boom and big crash of such a violent crypto currency market far surpasses the expectation of you and the securities company.


If the system of the exchange does not catch up in the moment when a large rampage or a large collapse occurs 50% to 100%, your assets will not be settled, the assets will turn negative, and the settlement will be delayed .


If funds become negative due to a problem in the exchange’s system, it will rarely be refunded.


No matter how safe the trade system is, no 100% secure system exists. “Big Boss” which adopts “Margin call” fails in terms of safe operation of assets.


Results verified by “Loss cut criteria”, “Maximum leverage” and “Margin call”


As a result of examining from the three viewpoints of “Loss cut criteria”, “Maximum leverage” and “Margin call”, we found that “TradeView” is the most safe and excellent.


However, since the maximum leverage of “TradeView” is 10 times, it may be unsatisfactory for those who are experiencing 20 times leverage of “BITMEX”.


But I do not think so.


This is because the virtual currency is unstable in movement, unlike foreign currency FX, because it has high price movements and can obtain sufficient profit even with low leverage.


If you trade with foreign currency FX at 10 times lever leverage, you feel that it is a relatively low risk trading, but the crypto currency FX will carry a sufficiently high risk.


For example, suppose you do foreign currency FX with 1 million yen of funds. This time we will explain the dollar yen as an example. The lot number you use is 0.1 lot (10 thousand currency).


If you trade foreign currency FX (USD / JPY 1 dollar = 100 yen) with 1 million yen of funds and 10 times lever leverage, just currency moves 1% price (± 1 yen: about 100 pips), your funds will be 10 It increases and decreases by ten thousand yen or more.


However, in Foreign Currency FX, it is rare for a currency pair to start, but with a major currency pair, price movements of more than 1% of currency value occur in a moment.


Trading in the crypto currency world tends to paralyze the sense, but it is a terrible thing that the value of major foreign currency fluctuates by 1%. In the crypto currency world, these events happen every day.


It may be because the crypto currency is still in the early stages, but it is abnormal from the viewpoint of our common sense that the value of one currency always fluctuates with a width of 1% or more.


What do you think will happen if you trade in such a virtual currency and multiply leverage 20 times?


Do you want to trade crypto currency over 20 times leverage?


Perhaps your funds will soon get down.


Instead of being at high risk, you may be able to hit returns unusually high, but you may not be able to withstand too much price movements and the increase and decrease of asset fluctuations and may go to ruin.


Just being able to make leverage more than five times in such a crypto currency world is sufficiently dangerous. In the unlikely event that the content of the exchange that a supplement may occur when your money turns negative is very dangerous.


In the rapidly changing virtual currency market, it is a worst choice to choose exchanges that can be set to abnormally high leverage or exchanges that are adopting “Margin call”.


You should choose an exchange like “TradeView” that does not have the risk of “Margin call” (debt) even if payment is delayed due to system failure due to market fluctuation by any chance, as the upper limit of leverage is suppressed.


Validation from two viewpoints “fee” and “spread”


Exchange name Fee Spread
TradeView Calculated with price × 0.0015. Minimum 1 cent
Big Boss 0.4%/Lot

(“Forex Major” is $10/Lot)

About 0.0001 to 0.002 dollars(Randomly due to fluctuations)
BITMEX Fee × Leverage Magnification About 0.0001 to 0.002 dollars(Randomly due to fluctuations)


Results verified by “fee” and “spread”


I compared “fee” and “spread” together, but the overseas FX trader “TradeView” was overwhelmingly excellent.


In particular, “Spread” is overwhelmingly cheap for “Tradeview”. “Spread” is the narrowest and 1 cent is too amazing. Indeed, when I learned of this I could not stop laughing. (Lol)


“TradeView” can provide an overwhelmingly narrow “spread” because we do not pay money for useless advertising expenses, referral fees and account opening bonuses.


Because the company does not spend money in vain, we can provide a comfortable and advantageous environment for traders.


“TradeView” is different from a company that works hard only with propaganda, instead of fishing with a high referral fee and expanding the spread to make the trade environment worse.


【Conclusion】 Which foreign FX trader is recommended for ripple FX?


In conclusion, I think that ‘TradeView’ is the best overseas FX dealer recommended for ripple (XRP) FX.


Ripple (XRP) FX in “TradeView” is possible by opening “ILC account”.


However, since “TradeView” has a minimum deposit amount of $ 1000, it is not possible to make an ultra-small investment starting with deposits of less than $ 100, so be careful.


But it’s okay.


You do not have to trade with the whole $ 1000 just because you made $ 1000 deposit.


The reason is that if you adjust the lot quantity and manage the risk, you can trade as low risk as an ultra small investment of less than $ 100.


You will do risk management and fund management thoroughly and you will not greatly reduce assets unless you do a greedy trade. You can safely asset management.


“Tradeview” can trade with confidence because the spread is not more than a minimum of 1 cent plus additions and the leverage is kept to the upper limit of 10 times the right balance to do the crypto currency FX.


It is conscientious that leverage is kept to the upper limit of 10 times because beginners want to spend as much if it is high leverage. As a personal opinion, it is overkill to apply leverage 20 times, like BITMEX.


Even if you do not apply leverage to it, the crypto currency fluctuates drastically, so you can make profit sufficiently even with 10 times leverage.


Since it is the most important to safely asset management, I recommend “TradeView” for ripple FX.