The FX company “TradeViewForex” has a long history and is known as a reliable FX company.


The reputation of “TradeViewForex” seems pretty good.


However, there are fraud companies that intentionally cause a decrease in profits or an increase in losses due to “Slippage” or do not cash on bank accounts in one way since cash withdrawal applications were made.


So, you have to be careful.


Seven points to measure safety and reliability of FX company


The following points are important to measure the safety and reliability of FX company.


  1. Whether the order is easy to contract.
  2. Whether “Slippage” will not occur.
  3. Whether “No Dealing Desk (NDD)” is adopted or not.
  4. Whether it is approved by the Financial Services Agency.
  5. The length of history.
  6. Whether there is a compensation system.
  7. Whether there is a margin call.


Verify the reliability and safety of “TradeViewForex” against the above seven points.


Is “TradeViewForex” easy to contract?


With “TradeViewForex” trade system, fast and accurate trade and settlement are possible by partnership with many “big banks” and “nonbank LPs” and the use of excellent data center.


First of all, we collaborate with many “major banks” and “nonbank LPs” to reduce the time it takes to find the best rate for customers to the limit.


If the number of affiliated banks is small, the advantageous rate variations that can be offered to customers are reduced, so the possibility of making an contracting at the best rate is reduced, making it difficult to increase profits.


So, in terms of the reliability and safety of FX companies, the number of affiliated rate providers is important.


And by using an excellent data center, they reduce the risk of system failure and provide an environment where you can trade with confidence.


You can trade with confidence without disturbing the trades or losing assets for personal reasons of FX companies.


Please refer to the following article on the speed of trade promise of “TradeViewForex”.


On the speed of establishment of trading order of “TradeviewForex” and the safety of the system


Will “Slippage” not occur in “TradeViewForex”?


“TradeViewForex” has partnered with many “big banks” and “nonbank LP”, so the time it takes to find the rate for profit you want is very short.


In addition, because they are using an excellent data center, the problem of delayed settlement due to system problems is nearly zero.


Therefore, due to system problems, settlement is delayed, and settlement is done at a rate different from the assumed rate, there is no reduction in profit or expansion of loss (Slippage).


Does “TradeViewForex” adopt “No Dealing Desk (NDD)”?


Yes. “TradeViewForex” adopts “No Dealing Desk (NDD)” which allows customers to directly trade with “Interbank” which provides official rates.


Unlike “Dealing Desk (DD)” which is frequently adopted by Japanese FX companies, FX companies can not freely tamper with rates to offer to customers at “NDD”. Also, they can not settle customer orders at a timing that is convenient for FX companies.


The wonderful thing about “NDD” is where trades are transparent.


“TradeViewForex” has a highly transparent trading environment that anyone can convince.


Is “TradeViewForex” approved by the Financial Services Agency?


“TradeViewForex” is officially licensed from “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority”.


You may have thought that it was doubtful if you heard with “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority”. However, in fact, the Cayman Islands is also known as the financial district, boasting highly safe standards globally.


“Cayman Islands Monetary Authority” has high reliability also in “FAFT”.

If you would like to know more about “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority”, please read this article.


About “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority” that approved “TradeViewForex”


The length of history from the establishment of “TradeView.Ltd” company


“TradeViewForex” was founded in 2004. It has already been established for more than 10 years.


Since its establishment, there were numerous big changes such as “Lehman shock”, “China shock”, “Swiss franc shock.” Many FX companies went bankrupted, unable to stand the fluctuation of the market price. However, “TradeViewForex” has overcome such a depression.


The length of history is an important part to prove the safety and reliability of FX company. Because, unless they have the power to overcome the historical fluctuation of the market price, they have not survived to this day.


Is there a compensation system?


“TradeViewForex” has a system to compensate customers for up to $ 35,000 even if it collapses with Santander Bank which manages funds.


If you lose an asset due to your mistake, you need attention as it will not be subject to compensation, but it is good that a certain amount of funds security is guaranteed even if the emergency problem occurs.


Is there a “margin call”?


There is no “margin call” in “TradeViewForex”.


Because “TradeviewForex” introduces the “zero cut system”, customers’ assets will never become negative even though they may become zero due to market fluctuations.


In other words, you do not have to worry about owing debts due to market fluctuations.


We have settled an evaluation on the safety and reliability of “TradeViewForex”!


I summarized the safety and reliability of “TradeViewForex”!


  1. It is promptly contract through a partnership between a major bank and an excellent data center.
  2. “Slippage” will not happen.
  3. “NDD” is adopted and transparency is high.
  4. It has been approved by the “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority”, which is trusted globally.
  5. Over 10 years since the establishment of the company, it has the power to overcome many economic crises.
  6. “TradeViewForex” compensates customer funds up to $ 35,000 when a company or banks that manage funds fails.
  7. In “TradeViewForex”, “zero cut system” has been introduced, “margin call”None.


I found that “TradeViewForex” is a pretty reliable company!


If you are uneasy, please refer to other articles as well.