The trade power of “TradeviewForex (trade view)” boasts the top level accuracy and speed of the entire FX industry.


When you actually trade, it takes almost no time from when you place an order to when trading is done. It will be settled the moment you push the settlement button. (Same as limit settlement)


The speed of order establishment is very important in FX trading, and it also directly relates to safety in protecting your assets.


Brief explanation about the contract


“Contract” in FX means “the establishment of trading”, the height of the contracting power of FX traders can be measured by stability, accuracy and speed.


If you do not hold right when you want to buy and sell, you can not do asset management with confidence. When choosing an FX trader, the contract power becomes a very important item.


If the contract power is high, there will be no “slippage” which is a divergence between the order price and the contract price.


Why is it a problem if the contracting power is low?


When choosing FX traders, consciousness tends to be focused on spreads and fees, loss cut standards, and the existence of margin call, but it is equally important whether the contracting power is high or not.


It is as important as the commissions and spreads that most people emphasize whether or not they are promised (settled) quickly and accurately according to the profit / loss you plan.


In the unlikely event that the settlement is delayed due to a system problem, you may contract with less profit than you planned, or you may lose the asset by extending the loss.


In the case of a Japanese trader, the settlement is delayed due to a system problem, loss cuts are made with a large loss or even if a margin call is received, it is almost not compensated.


Meanwhile, “TradeViewForex” which is an overseas FX trader will promise accurately and immediately even rapid rate fluctuations. So, in the unlikely event, you will not receive a loss cut or margin call by flying rate.


Do not you wonder why “TradeViewForex” can trade smoothly?


Actually, the secret that “TradeViewForex” has high contracting power and is stable is its system structure.


About the outline and safety of “TradeViewForex” trading system


The trading system of “TradeViewForex” is called “INNOVATIVE LIQUIDITY CONNECTOR”.


Briefly, it is a system that finds and provides the best rate for traders from multiple “major banks” or “nonbank LPs” through tools using state-of-the-art technology.


“TradeViewForex” mainly has relationships with the following banks.


When you settle a position held by a trader, it automatically finds the most favorable rate for traders from the above “big bank” or “nonbank LP” and is settled at ultra high speed.


When I confirmed to “TradeViewForex” in December 2018, it seems that they offer the best rates to traders from over 200 “big banks” and “nonbank LP”.


In this industry, the total number of contracts for “major banks” and “nonbank LP” is 30 to 50, which is a pretty good category. The total number of contracts “200” with the rate provider achieved by “TradeViewForex” is phenomenal.


As the number of contracts increases, the liquidity increases, so the contract speed when traders settle increases dramatically.



“TradeViewForex” continues to provide an environment where traders are always profitable.


Let’s explain in more detail what kind of process the order is established and contracted.


Four steps up to a contract in the trade system of “TradeViewForex”


In “TradeViewForex”, the order is contracted mainly in the following four steps.


  1. Maintaining the narrowest spread at all times with liquidity due to “major banks” and “nonbank LP”
  2. “TradeViewForex” proprietary system to provide the best rate for traders at super high speed
  3. Please trade in an ideal environment more than always with the bridge provider with the latest technology.
  4. When the trader pushes the settlement button, it promptly contracts at the best price which can be determined at once.


“TradeViewForex” maintains an environment that can always provide rates favorable to traders. When a trader presses the settlement button, you can quickly find the best rate and settle it.


About the safety of “TradeViewForex” trade system


The safety of the trade system at FX is important to the extent that it is possible to prevent the wasteful loss of trader’s assets caused by system problems.


Many domestic FX traders are offering rates by “Dealing Desk(DD)”, and instead of narrowing the spread extremely, the timing to pass orders is not an “interbank” offering official rates. We will make a contract at our own rate decided by FX company.


Do you think that the spread is extremely narrow so it is advantageous to trade? Actually it is not. The timing of the order establishment is completely grasped by FX traders. So, it is not always settled at the rate you reserved.


Basically “Dealing Desk” is a mechanism of “customer’s loss = profit of FX trader”, “customer’s profit = loss of FX trader”.


If there are customers who are too profitable, the loss of FX traders is just getting swollen.


Therefore, FX traders that adopt “Dealing Desk” have problems such as canceling orders among customers and do not decide until a certain order quantity is accumulated.


In other words, FX traders that adopt “Dealing Desk” may do “Bucketing”.


Moreover, in Japan’s law, “Bucketing” of FX company is not illegal, so it will not be superviced.


On the other hand, “TradeViewForex” of overseas FX company is adopted “No Dealing Desk (NDD)” .


“No Dealing Desk” is different from “Dealing Desk”.


In the “No Dealing Desk” system, connect the customer directly to the covered bank.


Customers can get the best rates for trading from covered banks. Of course, the rate you receive from the covered bank is the official rate globally.


It is not the rate set by the FX company on its own. The FX company is profitable by offering the trade environment to the customer with the fee added when the customer trades.


In “No Dealing Desk”, FX companies do not need to cover customer positions, so they can provide a trade environment that is advantageous to customers while continuing to make profits.


So, “Bucketing” does not occur in FX companies that adopt “No Dealing Desk”.


“TradeViewForex” does not do “Bucketing” which reduces customer assets to immorality for profit, because customers and FX companies adopt “No Dealing Desk” which can be “WIN-WIN” relationship . “TradeViewForex” has sufficiently prepared an environment where customers can trade with confidence.


The reason for the high contracting power of “TradeViewForex” is in the data center!


You may not be conscious of choosing FX companies too much, but do not forget that the existence of an excellent data center is essential for them to maintain a comfortable trading environment.


If you are using a poor data center, problems may arise, such as making it difficult for orders to pass through, or being unable to access websites and applications.


If you are using an FX company using a poor data center, you do not make a promise when you want to settle at the very moment, which will increase losses and reduce profits.


An excellent data center is necessary to maintain an environment where traders can comfortably trade with confidence.


“TradeViewForex” uses the “EQUINIX Data Center”.


Outline of “EQUINIX Data Center” used by “TradeViewForex”


Company name EQUINIX
URL EQUINIX official website
Affiliated Partners Amazon Web Services、AT&T、Google Cloud Platform、Microsoft Azure、NetApp、IBM Cloud、Oracle Cloud etc…
Data center location Japan, UK, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy, France, Finland, Singapore, Ireland, Bulgaria, Sweden
  1. Biometric authentication, recorder, kinetic lock, motion detection etc.
  2. Installation of security cage
  3. Installing a wide area surveillance camera without blind spots
  4. Installation of fire alarm
  5. LED light system is GOLD level by the LEED association
  6. Installation of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  7. Installation of power correction system
  8. Reserve power
  9. Cooling system is complete
  10. A loading / unloading port which can easily evacuate facilities in case of emergency
  11. Set up local operation center
EQUINIX security details page On the reliability and safety of EQUINIX
Occupancy rate 99.9999%


FX companies installing servers in the “EQUINIX” data center are famous for their high contracting power. Overseas major FX company “TitanFX” also uses “EQUINIX” data center.


“EQUINIX” boasts an occupancy rate of 99.9999%, “EQUINIX” is contributing to the smooth and stable contracting power of FX company by providing optical fiber line.


“EQUINIX” is perfect for security and risk management. Even if some trouble happens, it is possible to maintain normal operation without problems. All the maximum support for not stopping operation is gathered.


The trade system of “TradeViewForex” has the highest reliability and safety.


The “TradeViewForex” system proved to be very stable and reliable for FX trading customers.


Now, FX companies need not only cheap commissions and narrow spreads but also “reliability” and “transparency”. “TradeViewForex” can be said to be a precious and excellent FX company that clears both.


“TradeViewForex” is committed to delivering the optimum environment for customers who conduct FX trading. This is possible because “TradeViewForex” can minimize wasteful advertising and performance costs.


Please participate by all means. You will be amazed at the trade environment that is too comfortable!