The overseas FX broker “TradeViewForex” is an FX broker that has been in existence for over 10 years since its establishment in 2004.


The reliability of “TradeViewForex” is very high overseas, it is very popular due to the high level of contracting power, low overwhelming spread, and low commission.


About TradeView.Ltd operating company of “TradeViewForex”

company name TradeView.Ltd
Established year 2004
FSA license Cayman Islands Monetary Authority(No.585163 )
Service Foreign currency FX · cryptocurrency FX · futures · stock etc…
Customer funds location Santander Bank
Customer fund management Mainstream Group Holdings LTD (Formerly FundAdministration)
Trust maintenance Up to $ 35,000
Japanese support YES
Deposits and withdrawals Bank transfer, credit card, Mybitwallet, UPhold, BitPay


About the license of “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority”


“TradeView” is licensed from the “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority”, which is known for its reliability worldwide.


“Cayman Islands Monetary Authority” is known as the fifth financial center in the world. “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority” is overseeing over 300 banks, including major banks, over 800 insurance companies, over 10000 funds.


“TradeView” has a distinction from many other fraud companies not licensed. “TradeView” is a reliable FX broker that has been in existence for over 10 years since its establishment in 2004.


If you would like to know more about the license of “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority”, please refer to this article.


About “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority” that approved “TradeViewForex”


About the service of “TradeView.Ltd”


“TradeView.Ltd” service is various such as foreign currency FX · cryptocurrency FX · futures · stocks. With the industry’s lowest spread and super-discount transaction fee, the best trade environment on the user’s eyes is available.


Various services are deployed in “TradeView”, but foreign currency FX and cryptocurrency FX belong to “TradeViewForex” introduced in this site.


Let’s not make a mistake as the name is different depending on the service.


About support


Support is very enriched including Japanese.


Japanese support is currently undertaken by seven people. English support is also quick and reply is wonderful.


As a personal opinion, I would appreciate it if you also provide Japanese phone support. If there are employees of “TradeView” watching this article, please introduce it!


For the support of “TradeViewForex”, refer to the following article!




About customer cash management and trust maintenance


“TradeViewForex” cover up to $ 35,000 in customer funds, even if the management company “TradeView.Ltd” failed by any chance falls into financial crisis.


This compensation service is managed separately from the management fund of “TradeView.Ltd”. This is made up of “Santander Bank” which stores customer funds and “Mainstream Group Holdings LTD (former FundAdministration)” which manages customer funds.


“Santander Bank” was established in 1999 by the merger of “Central Hispano Bank” and “Old Santander Bank” and is the largest commercial banking group in Spain based in Madrid, Spain. It is also a listed company on the New York Stock Exchange.


On the other hand, “Mainstream Group Holdings LTD (formerly FundAdministration)” is a company that manages funds kept from customers. The role of this company is management of customer funds, not to save it.


It is checked every time whether or not anti money laundering is done for customer’s deposit / withdrawal.


“Mainstream Group Holdings LTD (formerly FundAdministration)” is a company that conducts fund management, financial accounting, consulting of major funds, and reliability is very high.


Safety is extremely high, as customer funds at “TradeViewForex” are supported by the two powers “Santander Bank” and “Mainstream Group Holdings LTD (formerly FundAdministration)”.


If you would like to know about “TradeViewForex” ‘s trust maintenance service and safety, please refer to this article.


We verified the reliability and safety of TradeViewForex! Is it a scam?


Three advantages of “TradeViewForex”


  1. Promise
  2. 0.0pips low spread
  3. Cheap transaction fee


Let’s explain in turn!




“TradeViewForex” is one of the best in the industry in terms of the high level of trade power. Its speed and accuracy are very wonderful.


The server for trading uses a reliable EQUINIX server used by major financial institutions and funds, and stable transactions are possible.


I can trade smoothly without occurrence of slippage so I think that it is highly recommended for scalping.


The trade power of “TradeViewForex” is explained in detail in this article.


On the speed of establishment of trading order of “TradeviewForex” and the safety of the system


②0.0pips low spread


“TradeViewForex” has the narrowest spread in the industry, realizing a low spread from the astonishing 0.0 pips.


This is because unlike the well-known overseas FX dealer “XM”, there was no bonus money after opening an account, eliminating unnecessary advertising expenses, introducing rebates was low, and the cost was minimized.


As the spread is low, not only does it make profit easily by ultra-short trading by scalping, it prevents unnecessary loss cut by automatic trading, and it is easy to make profit consistently


Please refer to this article on “TradeViewForex” spread.




③Cheap transaction fee


The low trading fee of “TradeViewForex” is the industry’s highest level, it costs $ 5 round trip on 1 Lot (100,000 currency) transactions.


There are four types of “TradeViewForex”, “X Leverage Account”, “ILC Account”, “Ctrader Account”, “Currenex Account”. Even in the account with the most transaction fee, it costs as much as $ 5 round trip for each Lot transaction. In the “X Leverage account(Standard account)”, you can trade without a transaction fee.


There are many other advantages of “TradeViewForex”, but there are particularly noteworthy advantages.


If you would like to know more about “TradeViewForex”, please read this article!


Comprehensive review of “TradeView Forex”! Word of mouth, reputation